Add an 800 Number

If you're interested in using an 800-Number with your voicemail, have we got a deal for you!

Because we also operate a very fine nation-wide 800-number voicemail service called 'Action800 NationWide VoiceMail,' with a full array of 800 voicemail services -- and at startling low rates.

With Action800 service, you get your own private unlisted 800-number, and remember, if you're in marketing, experts say that an 800 number can TRIPLE the response to your ads!

Attached to your 800-number you'll get a powerful voice mailbox with a huge capacity. For example, you can get a message-taking box which has an outgoing greeting of up to three minutes, or even a special box with an outgoing greeting of up to seven minutes! Action800 even has special discount rates to set up your own nation-wide Audio Brochure.

The Action800 rates are almost as low as Abe SuperBudget rates, and the Action800 rates include your own private 800-number. In fact, there's so much to tell that we've set up an Audio Brochure to provide you all the details, or for even more information, visit our Action800 website.

To hear all about Action800 NationWide VoiceMail and how to get your own 800 number plus voicemail at low rates, you can call ourAudio Brochure for full recorded details, available 24 hours a day --

Action800 in Sonoma County -- (707) 927-5245
Action800 in San Francisco, Marin, East Bay -- (415) 435-8803

And to see the complete picture, visit our Action800 website --

Here you'll find everything you ever wanted to know about 800 numbers and voicemail and marketing, including expanded information about how to use an Audio Brochure. And more!

Exploring the Power of 800-VoiceMail

If you are interested in Expanding your Markets Nation-Wide, here's a brief description of our package -- a time-tested method which can Super-Charge your Activities --

First, we'll give you your own 800 Number. Callers will hear your voice because you record your own out-going message. They can place an order or record a message. You just pick up these orders and messages from any touch-tone phone. Use it for sales or message-taking.

  • Experts say an 800 Number can TRIPLE the response from your advertising. That's the "Insider's Secret" which so greatly boosts sales!
  • Your recorded message can be a sales presentation, working like your round-the-clock salesman, delivering your message to every caller, just the same way.
  • You just call in to pick up your messages (or orders) when convenient. It's easy and efficient, and gives you more control over the entire process.

Your calls come in over the high-quality "Digital-Fiber" telephone lines of IXC, which was named "best overall provider of long-distance" according to an extensive 1997 survey of customers of all long-distance carriers in America.

Better known to industry insiders than the general public, IXC owns one of the five nation-wide digital networks, with service second to none. This network spans over 20,000 miles, providing coast-to-coast clarity, with split-second re-routing capability to ensure reliable service on every one of your calls.

What does it take? First, we need to collect a payment. For example, if you choose the 'Professional 800-VoiceMail' with monthly billing to your credit card, we'd initially collect a one-time set-up fee of $20, plus first and last month's service. So we'd collect a total of $39.90 on your credit-card to get you started..

Second, we'll ask a few questions to verify your credit and set up your account the way you want.

Third, we'll immediately give you your 800 number and go over how to set it up. The whole process takes only seven minutes by phone, or use our simple Internet Sign-Up form for email signup (see 'Setup' section).

Available here on this website for immediate download are two important tools for 800 voicemail marketers -- Two big reports called the "Sales Power" Package -- free for immediate download and study! (See the 'Audio Brochure' Section)

The special techniques in these reports were originally developed by staff and clients of Action800, in order to get the best results from advertising, and especially to get the best results possible from 800 voicemail as a marketing tool.

Your first free report is "Power Tips of the Radio Pros: How to Record a Professional Telephone Script in Five Simple Steps." One client said, "Your tips sounded too simple, but I tried them ... and WOW! I sound so professional!"

You also get "Profitable Phone Persuasion: How to write Telephone Scripts that Grab More Dollars." This report is stuffed with guide-lines, sample scripts, how to reassure your customer, logical vs. emotional appeals, how to ask for the sale, "hot-words", "time-limiters", handling the competition, how humor can booby-trap you, and more.

The free Sales-Power Package is full of proven information, over fifty type-set pages, exactly what you need to design a powerful advertising campaign, including everything you need to know to write powerful ads, to record professional-sounding telephone scripts, and to use 800 voicemail to Super-Charge your advertising for greater profits!

Remember, with Action800 NationWide VoiceMail, you get IXC's high-quality digital-fiber long-distance network for clear sound, your own private 800-number to supercharge your advertising, and Action800's complete Sales-Power materials package to make you a triple Winner! (And it all comes with a money-back guarantee of satisfaction -- see our website!)

Here's What The Experts Say --

"I recommend toll-free phone numbers, which usually triple response rate."

~ J. Conrad Levinson, sales expert, on page 159, Guerrilla Marketing

"Toll-free numbers are another way of increasing response. Because they make it easier for your customer to order. A toll-free number will probably help your credibility."

~ Dr. Wm. A. Cohen, professor of marketing, Cal State University, on page 45, Building a Mail Order Business

"Remember, a client will use the most convenient way to place an order, and, all other things being equal, will buy from the company offering a toll-free call."

~ Direct Marketing Association, New York City

And Here's What Our Clients Say --

"People would rather respond through an 800# because it's so easy and therefore a necessary part of the business. The service itself is the most economical of its kind."

~ M.R. Rudne, Publisher Miami, Florida

"I am completely satisfied with the service Action 800 provides. They take care of you."

~ R. Lancaster, Multi-Level Marketer Escondido, California

Good News: Low Prices for 800 Voicemail!

There you have it! That's the story! Now you might think, with all it can do, that 800 voicemail would be expensive, but it's not. The 800 voicemail prices are only slightly higher than the rates for Abe's SuperBudget low-cost voicemail service.

So if you're in the market for 800 voicemail, if you've been thinking about expanding your activities nationwide, and boosting your sales with powerful 800 voicemail service, please visit our Action800 website at today!

And now, if you'd also like to hear about all the additional features that are included with your Abe's VoiceMail service, then just click here to discover the Many Other Features included with Abe's VoiceMail service!

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