Use an Audio Brochure

If you are interested in a new advertising tool that is sweeping the nation -- to give you an advertising edge for the nineties -- then you may want to consider an Audio-Brochure.

An "Audio Brochure" means "spoken information that is selected by the caller." For example, whenever you call our 'Recorded Information' line, you are hearing new information by means of our Audio Brochure, information which you have selected.

Perhaps in your business, your customers could be given information with an Audio Brochure. It's a good way to let your customer select what he wants to know, it's very complete, and it's low in cost.

An Audio Brochure can save your company large amounts of time and money. For example, in your business, it's quite likely that a great amount of time is spent explaining what you do.

By pre-recording key information that your customer can retrieve by phone, you make your information available to your customers around the clock.

Hard-Working Advertising

If it's advertising, it's advertising working around the clock. And it costs a heck of a lot less than printed brochures and postage, plus it's quicker to the customer. And it costs far far far less than hiring a worker to say the same things over and over to each new caller.

Plus it's available even to several callers simultaneously. No busy signals. No pointless callbacks. No wasted time. No missed opportunities.

Many Ways to Use an Audio Brochure

Here are some examples of how an Audio Brochure is being used profitably right now in the Bay Area.

A local organization offered lots of meetings for its members. It was costing lots of money just to answer the telephone and tell when the meetings were, and printed schedules had not solved the problem. So they got an Audio Brochure, with a mailbox for Monday's events, one for Tuesday's events, and so on. And for emergencies the Audio Brochure gave a 24-hour hotline which went to the emergency on-call person.

Or another example. An Audio Brochure can be used by a theater to give film or performance information on different days. It could be used by a specialized weather-reporting service such as for small craft, gliding, or surfing conditions. Any of these could be free advertising devices, or part of your paid-for services.

Stay on Top of Hiring

Another company was rapidly expanding and needed to hire entry-level employees. The only trouble was, when they placed newspaper ads, they were swamped with hundreds of unqualified job-seekers. Even attempting to call these applicants back took several days.

So they got smart. In the newspaper ad they now list the Audio Brochure number. The Audio Brochure then gives full information about the job that the caller wants to know. It also stresses the important qualifications that must be met, and then gives a phone number to the caller if they wish to apply. And it works. The curiosity-seekers get the information they want, and the company can concentrate on the calls from qualified applicants.

Timely Information for your People

Another example: An airline was being swamped with calls from employees for up-to-date work schedule information. So they put the information on an Audio Brochure . No more waiting by employees. No more interruption for flight dispatchers.

Any group can easily publish up-to-date information for its members. For example, a Conservation Society might have a wild-life spotting report.

Be an Expert in your Community

Nearly all businesses possess specialized information that would be useful to the public. Publishing this information with an Audio Brochure gives your company the position of an expert in the community. And long-term, it adds sales.

Almost any information can find an audience. It's like publishing a high-quality newsletter, except that it requires less time and money.

These are a few of the reasons why we recommend an Audio Brochure ... your advertising edge, for the nineties.

If you'd like to hear a demo of an Audio Brochure, just call our 'Recorded Information' line in your area (because it is an Audio Brochure!) ...

Sonoma County (707) 793-2100
San Francisco/ Marin/East Bay (415) 435-7501
San Jose area (408) 882-5000

And when you're considering your marketing program, when you're considering customer service, think about an Audio Brochure ... your advertising edge, for the nineties.  



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