Call-Forward for Message-Taking

  If you're an individual who would like to Call-Forward your home or business phone for low-cost, convenient, message-taking, Abe's SuperBudget offers you the Freedom to Move. Now!

We'll assign you your own personal unlisted phone number with message-taking capability. Next, you'll need the phone company's Call-Forwarding feature on your home or business phone.

Re-route Calls to VoiceMail

When you're going out, you just dial a code number on your phone, and then all your calls are automatically transferred to your Voice Mailbox. The phone company can also provide Call-Forwarding when you don't answer or when you're already on the phone.

Your caller will be answered on the very first ring and will hear your customized greeting, in your own voice. Friends and associates can leave you messages in complete detail, and complete privacy, and you retrieve these messages from any touch-tone phone, any place, any time. You can fast-forward, or skip backward in a message to hear a part again, like a street address or a phone number. And that's not all.

Powerful Features Included

Your callers will appreciate this advanced message-taking system. While they're leaving their message for you, they can replay their message to make sure they've said it right, add on if they forgot something. If it's all wrong, they can even redo the whole thing. It takes the worry out of leaving a complete message.

And with Call-Forwarding, our whole system works better. Suppose you're at home or in the office and you don't want to be disturbed. Just Forward your phone. Your callers can still leave messages in your Voice Mailbox, and you -- undisturbed -- never have to worry about missing a call. Catch up on some reading. Take a nap.

In fact, with Call-Forwarding on, even while your friends are calling and leaving messages in your Voice Mailbox, you can call out on your phone, and your callers won't even get a busy signal, because of our special telephone magic.

Totally Confidential

Later, when you're back in your home or office and you want to take your own calls again, just dial a code number and -- presto! -- we're completely off the line.

You might think that Voice Mail might be complicated to use, but it's easy. Your mother could work it, because ... if you can use a pushbutton phone, you've already mastered Voice Mail. It's as simple as pressing "P" for Play, "D" for Discard, and "K" to Keep a message. The Voice Mailbox tells you with a spoken voice just which keys to press.

And if everyone in your group gets a Voice Mailbox, each of you can have message-taking PLUS you can pass messages back and forth.

You might think -- with all it can do -- that Voice Mail would be expensive, but it's not. It costs a fraction of the phone company's charge for a residence phone.

When you add it all up, you can see how we give you the Freedom to Move in the world. Go anywhere you want, you're still in control of the whole system!

Now if you'd like to hear about an amazing feature only available from Abe's SuperBudget, just click here to learn about Abe's Super-Wide Service Area.


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