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Abe's VoiceMail has lots of features to make your life easier. Some are technical, and some are just the way we built our company to be useful to your lifestyle.

Smart Date & Time

Built into your Abe's VoiceMail service is a smart Date & Time system. It always tells you "just enough" so you know exactly when the message was left, but it conserves your time. For example, when you pick up ...

  • A message left today, you hear the time.
  • ... left earlier this week, you hear time and day of the week.
  • ... left before this week, you hear time, day and date.

'Memory-Easy' Commands

Built into your Abe's VoiceMail service you get 'memory-easy' commands, using the first letter of a word, like "Press 'P' to 'P'lay the message ... 'K' to 'K'eep the message ... or 'D' to 'D'iscard the message." In a couple of days, you'll know these commands with no effort on your part, and then you can go at your own speed -- you don't have to wait for the voice prompt. (But if you're ever unsure, voicemail tells you with a spoken voice just which keys to press.)

Easy-to-use touch-tone controls! What could be simpler? That's why we say ... if you can operate a touch-tone phone, you've already mastered voicemail!

Quick-Keys (fast-forward & instant-replay)

Built into your Abe's VoiceMail service you get special playback controls. For example, the 'Star' key (*) will jump back just a bit, so you can repeat a phone number or an address ('Instant Replay'). Or use the 'Pound' key (#) to jump forward, for example if you want to skip over a section in the message ('Fast Forward').

It's easy and it's useful. You'll never again have to replay a whole message just to make sure of a phone number!

Set-Aside (keep for later)

Built into your Abe's VoiceMail service you get the ability to set aside a message if you don't want to deal with it right now. Just press the 'K' touch-tone to 'K'eep the message for later.

In fact, as you play your messages, you can keep or discard them in any order. It makes life easy to have more control over your messages -- you get to arrange your life more conveniently!

32 Cash-Deposit Locations

Sure, we take all four major credit-cards, and sure, you can always settle your account with a check, but we know some people prefer to pay cash.

If that's you, then you're in luck, because Abe's has 32 locations around the Bay Area where you can drop in when you wish to make a cash deposit. When you set up your account, just ask the customer service person to send you a printed list of all the locations. Or, whenever you want, call us up and we'll find the nearest one for you.

We take all four Credit-Cards

If you'd like to take advantage of our even-cheaper plans that bill service automatically to your credit-card, you'll be glad to know that Abe's can accept not only Visa and MasterCard, but also American Express and Discover cards.

Or if you normally pay by check, but it would be more convenient to use the credit card for a particular month, feel free to call and we'll accept your credit-card on the phone.

Refer-a-Friend credit -- One Free Month!

Some years ago, when we noticed that a lot of people referred their friends to Abe's, we realized that we'd hit on a winning combination of service and price.

So we dreamed up the 'Free Month' credit as a way to say 'Thanks!' for referring your friend to Abe's. After all, if we'd had to buy more advertising to get that new customer, it would cost us as much as a free month of service, so why not give that benefit back to you?

So that's just what we do. It's a standing offer. When you refer a friend and they sign up, we'll put a free month service credit on your account toward your next renewal.

It's funny. We have a few customers who haven't had to pay for any service for months at a time ... because they have so many friends!

Advanced VoiceMail Features ...

These are advanced features, which are not always available. Some features we only offer in certain areas. Other features are optional, and may have additional cost to include them.


This is a very popular feature among customers, and is currently available -- for Free -- when you select service in the North Bay or San Jose areas (but is not yet available in Sonoma County due to machine limitations).

'Tollsaver' is a way you can save money when you're calling to check messages. For example, if you're calling from a pay phone, or if you're calling from far away, if you have no new messages you can escape the telephone company's charge for the call when you know the secret.

And nothing could be easier. When there are no new messages to be picked up, our voicemail computer will make the sound of ringing.

So if you hear ringing, immediately hang up. You not only save your time, but the call is free!

How do we do it? Telephone magic!

Group Features

If you have the imagination to consider getting a whole bunch of Voice Mailboxes so everyone in your group has their own, Abe's SuperBudget gives you an easy way to stay In-Touch and On-Top of your business.

Here's how it works -- Let's say you and Al and Bill and Carl and Dave and Ed and Fred and George all start a company together. Al and Bill are technicians, they have to travel around to your customers all over town, maybe all over the country. Carl's the Sales Manager, and Dave is a salesmen and he's out all the time. We don't know what Ed and Fred and George do, but you, you're the Big Cheese.

Guys like you have got to talk all the time, to pass information back and forth, to stay on top of fast- breaking deals. But on the other hand, everybody's away from the phone, and so are your customers and so is your banker and accountant and lawyer. Sound familiar?

Well here's what you can do about it ...

You can give everybody their own Voice Mailbox. Now anyone can leave a detailed message for anyone else, pass along important information when it's needed, regardless of the time of day.

And you can just press "A" to A-nswer a message, or press "G" to G-ive the message to somebody else, along with your comments. You can even broadcast a message to 85 salespeople all at once.

It works real well. And yes, if you have a need for an Audio-Brochure, it can go right into your group of Voice Mailboxes too!

Reseller program

If you are in a position to re-sell voice mailboxes, ask about our Reseller program.

At certain times we find we have excess machine capacity. When that's the case, we are authorized to sell groups of voice mailboxes at rates actually below the going wholesale rates commonly used for voicemail resellers.

This offer is not always open in every area. If this matches your situation, ask us about it.

Paging Service

If you'd like to be automatically paged when you have messages waiting, it couldn't be easier. Here's how you can do it easily, and at low cost --

First, let's assume you have a digital pager. That's one which can display the caller's telephone number.

Now when you ask us to set up your voicemail, be sure to choose our standard service package with paging, and it should be automatically billed to your credit card monthly because the paging fees come through each month.

How much will it cost? The monthly service fee for voicemail with paging is only $14.50, plus five cents per page (with a minimum of one dollar monthly for pages).

Now each time a caller leaves a message for you, your pager will go off, displaying the number for your voice mailbox, so you know immediately that you have an important message waiting for you.

Then each month, we'll just bill your credit card for the monthly fee and the pages made. Call us for complete details on how this can be programmed.

And you can stay totally in-touch and on-top of all your business affairs. Quicker and easier than ever before!

And now, if you'd like to get Abe's SuperBudget VoiceMail started up in less than seven minutes, just take a look at how easy it is to Set Up in 7 Minutes.

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