Get a Phone Number

If you're an individual who has no phone, or if you'd like a second, private, telephone number, Abe's SuperBudget offers you Freedom to Move.

Right now!

Your own Unlisted Number

We'll give you your own unlisted phone number. This number is a local call throughout a very large area.

For example, if you obtain our service in San Francisco, your new voicemail number is a local call from anywhere in San Francisco, and also from Marin (from Sausalito to Stinson Beach to San Rafael) or even from the East Bay (including Pinole, Richmond, Albany, Berkeley, Emeryville, Alameda, and Oakland)!

That means you can call to check your messages with no toll charges from anywhere in this huge area. And it means your friends or customers can call from anywhere in this area with no toll charge too!

Powerful Message-Taking Service

Your friends can leave you messages anytime night or day. They'll be answered on the very first ring, and they can record their message in complete detail. In fact, several people can call at the same time, and all would be answered immediately, something no answering machine could do.

And of course, there's no machine to buy, no tape jams, no repairs, nothing to install, and no big install charges.

Now if you'd like to share your Voice Mailbox with someone, you just show them how to use it and then the two of you can communicate no matter where you are.

Useful in Many Ways

Consider getting several of these super-cheap voice mailboxes. Now everyone in your group can have message taking PLUS you can pass messages back and forth.

Now. Have you ever wanted to give someone your home telephone number, but had second thoughts?

Or would you like people to be able to leave you messages 24 hours a day and not ring your home telephone?

This is how to do it!

Powerful Features Included

When callers reach your Voice Mailbox, they hear your individual greeting, in your own voice. And you can change this greeting from any touch-tone phone, any time, any place.

You're late for a meeting? They're going to call, wondering where you are? Just call up and change your greeting. Tell them you're delayed. Reschedule.

And it's all completely private. Only you have the secret password so you can change your greeting, or check your messages. This personal telephone number is completely private, yours to use as you please.

Expensive? Not at All!

You might think Voice Mail would be expensive, but it's not. It costs a fraction of the phone company charge for a residence phone, plus no big installation charge, plus our service includes message-taking too!

That's why we say we give you the Freedom to Move in the world. You can go anyplace you want and you're still in control of the whole system!

Now if you'd also like to hear how you can call-forward your existing home or business phone for convenient, low-cost message-taking, just click here to learn how to Call-Forward for Message-Taking.


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