High-Capacity Message-Taking

If you're a careful customer, it's not enough to say "Hey, Abe's SuperBudget sounds great!" You also want to stop and think, "Am I getting the best deal?"

If you've heard our prices, you realize that our prices are lower than other companies'. But we actually give you a better service than any other company offering voicemail. And how's that? Well, in two ways:

Abe's Advantage Number One
Abe's Advantage Number One is ... We give you heavy-duty Expanded Capacity voice mailboxes with every service, even our cheapest one!

Now this is important. If you've ever called any other voicemail company, they usually offer a low rate only IF you don't get your own phone number, or IF the voice mailbox can only hold a few messages, and usually they're automatically erased in only a couple of days. I mean, unless you leap around like a lizard you've lost your messages. And if more than a few friends call on the same day, some of them can't leave messages because ... the mailbox is already full.

But none of that didly-squat business with Abe's SuperBudget VoiceMail. Every voice mailbox is heavy duty, Expanded Capacity. That means it can take up to forty messages. Not ten, not twelve. FORTY!

And let's say you're out of town. Your Expanded Capacity voice mailbox can hold the messages for up to two weeks! Not two days, but TWO WEEKS!

Just look at the Capacity of this Voice Mailbox ...

VoiceMail Capacity
Length of your Greeting can be ... 2 minutes
Length of incoming Messages can be ... 4 minutes
Number of Messages it will hold is ... 40 messages
Length of time it holds New Messages ... 2 weeks
Length of time it holds Kept Messages ... 3 days

So you see, the mailbox capacity is quite generous. As we say, it's a completely professional, heavy-duty voice mailbox.

And now, perhaps you're becoming curious about – what is Abe's Advantage Number Two?

Abe's Advantage Number Two

Abe's Advantage Number Two is … Bookkeeping discounts! Here's how it works:

In our office, bookkeeping takes more time than any other chore. So we've streamlined our bookkeeping to keep rates low. Other companies chop down the service, but we didn't. We just chopped down the bookkeeping. We have special rates where you can get your service 3-months at a time or 6-months at a time, and you'll save even more money than on our standard service package.

And that's how we can give you a high-capacity voice mailbox, even though our rates are less than other companies'.

What's the trade-off? Simply put, it's this ... to take advantage of our great rates, you have to help us keep bookkeeping quick and simple. That means you either put your service on one of the credit-card reduced-rate plans, or if you go on the month-to-month plan, please be prepared to pay promptly every month. And in return, you'll get the best deal in the Bay Area!

And now for something completely different!

The VoiceMail Demo

Our handy tape player here will play the demo for you. (Please be patient ... it takes a little while to load.) To Operate, just click on the title you wish to hear, and then click on the controls to operate them like any tape player. (Arrow to go, Square to stop, Two Bars to Pause, Volume slider on the left.) (Please note: This demo requires Netscape or Internet Explorer with Shockwave installed. )

Let's give it a try --

<h3 ALIGN="CENTER"> <font COLOR="Navy" FACE="Arial">(Java-enabled browser with Shockwave required!<br> Get current Shockwave plug-in: www.macromedia.com/shockwave!)</font> </h3>

Hope you found the VoiceMail Demo instructional, and maybe fun too!

You'll notice that the little recorded lady in the machine led you every step of the way with nice, clear instructions. Every command she offers you is 'memory-easy', using the first letter of a word, like "press 'P' to 'Play' the message, 'K' to 'Keep' the message, or 'D' to 'Discard' the message." It's easy to follow when you're setting up your voice mailbox, or picking up messages.

You probably noticed that although the voice mailbox has many powerful features, you operate it very simply, just by using the touch-tones on any telephone. In fact, if you can operate a touch-tone phone, you already know how to operate your new voice mailbox!

And finally, the point of this demonstration is for you to clearly see how easy it is to use voicemail. It's easy to set up ... it's easy for callers to leave a detailed message ... and it's easy to pick up messages, any time, any place.

By the way, even though Sid left a long, detailed message, remember that your Abe's Voice Mailbox is Expanded Capacity, and a message can be much longer than Sid's -- because a message can be up to four minutes!

Now, if you'd like to hear about your 'Advertising Edge for the Nineties' ... and if you'd like to review powerful free business development reports available for download ... just click here and discover how to Use an Audio Brochure!


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