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Thanks for visiting Abe's SuperBudget VoiceMail(TM) -- the bay area's most popular communication service ... where we give you the FREEDOM TO MOVE in the world, and for business managers, the easy way for you to stay IN-TOUCH AND ON-TOP of your business!
  And all at terrific rates!

Who is Abe's SuperBudget?
  We're specialists in telephone message-taking, in business since 1977. We serve California customers in Sonoma County, Marin county, San Francisco and the East Bay.
  We've discovered a way to give you a low-cost unlisted phone number -- your own unlisted number -- with automatic message-taking. Go anywhere you want, you're still in control of the whole system, from any touch-tone phone.
  The name for this type of service is "Voice Mail", because it's like putting a voice letter in a telephone mailbox.
  If you're not completely familiar with VoiceMail, if you'd like to find out how it works, and the unusual features we give you that are not available from any other company, then use the menu to the left to find out more.
  If you just want pricing information or a brochure, that's there, too.
  For immediate telephone signup, call us!

Sonoma County -- (707) 927-5245
San Francisco, Marin, East Bay -- (415) 435-8803

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