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In this section, you'll find all the prices. Since our company began in 1977, we've tried many systems, and interviewed many thousands of clients, about the phone calls and information at the heart of a business or a private life.

Although every person is unique, many problems are the same. We think you'll find some of the simplest, most cost-effective solutions available in the world, right here --

What Can You Get?

For example, consider our Standard Service. This is the service that includes your private unlisted phone number, and message-taking, with remote access from any touch-tone phone in the world. You have a secret passcode, so only you can get your messages. You can change your greeting and your passcode at any time. Every message is given with the time and date. Keep or discard messages in any order.

And with these standard features you also get, at no cost, the special Super-Wide coverage on the voicemail telephone number, a Super-Wide area so your number is a local call from all over the place. For example, if you got San Jose service it would be a local call anywhere in San Jose, but also from Milpitas or Mountain View, and all the way out to include Los Altos, and all the way down to include Los Gatos and New Almaden. (And of course we also have numbers available covering San Francisco and East Bay and Marin, and we have numbers in Sonoma county, and each of these areas has a similar wide calling area.)

And you also get the heavy-duty Expanded Capacity voice mailbox that can hold up to forty messages, which can store the messages for up to two weeks!

Standard Service Very Affordable!

And the cost? It's only $18.50 per month.

On our Standard Service, we can automatically bill your credit card each month, OR we can mail you a statement each month. This is a good choice for 'Month to Month' service -- maximum flexibility. Two-month minimum applies.

The Set-Up Fee is $5, and we need to collect first month's service ($18.50) and a last-month's deposit ($18.50), so that's a total of $42 to start service.

You probably think that's a darn good deal, because it is, and here's how to get the same service for even less --

Three-Month Discount Plan Saves Even More!

If you're willing to save us work, we can save you money. In our office, bookkeeping takes more time than any other chore. So if you save us bookkeeping, we'll save you money.

Just ask for the Three-Month Discount Plan. We'll set up your account to automatically renew in three-month blocks on your credit card. With the Three-Month Discount Plan you pay $47.50, which breaks down to $15.83 per month!

Six-Month SuperBudget Plan Best Deal of All!

Want to save even more? Save us more time. Ask for the Six-Month SuperBudget Plan. Here we'll set up your account to automatically renew in SIX-month blocks on your credit card. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. And on the SIX-month SuperBudget Plan you pay only $15.00 a month!

And on these credit-card plans, you also save the $18.50 deposit and $5.00 set-up fee!

Each plan is a great value -- On the Standard Service, with the Super-Wide call-in area and the Expanded Capacity voice mailbox, at $18.50 monthly, it's the best deal in the bay area. But if you go for the three-month Discount Plan, it's only $15.83, and if you go for the SIX-month SuperBudget Plan it's only $15.00 a month! Choose any plan -- you can't lose!

How to Sign Up

On Standard Service, we need $13.50 for first month's service, and $18.50 for last-month deposit, and the $5 set-up fee, so that's to $42 to start service. Then a monthly statement OR automatically charge your credit card.

On the three-month Discount Plan, we need three months of $15.83, and that comes to $47.50 on your credit card, billed every three months.

On the six-month SuperBudget Plan, we need six months of $15.00, and that comes to $90 dollars on your credit card, every six months.

So call us! Immediate telephone signup is available --

Sonoma County -- (707) 927-5245
San Francisco, Marin, East Bay -- (415) 435-8803

Or, you'd like to sign up by email, click here to learn about how to Set Up in only Seven Minutes!

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