Super-Wide Service Area

Abe's VoiceMail has three large service areas, and in each area we've installed our telephone numbers very carefully, to give you the most service for your dollar.

As you examine the map of the three areas we serve, you'll probably notice something unusual -- each area is unusually large!

The fact is, before installing we did extensive research to find the best telephone numbers in each area to give you the widest possible local-calling area. We call it the 'Super-Wide Call-in Area!'

• Sonoma County - includes Santa Rosa, Sonoma, Cotati, Rohnert Park, Petaluma and Novato!
North Bay - includes Marin County, Pinole, Richmond, Albany, Berkeley,  Alameda, Emeryville, Oakland and San Francisco!
South Bay - includes Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Los Altos, Saratoga, San Jose, Los Gatos and Coyote!

Why have we gone to the trouble to set our numbers up this way?

It's a bonus, to give you better service. Remember that you get your own private unlisted number with a Super-Wide call-in area. You may ask, "What's a Super-Wide call-in area?"

Example of Super-Wide Call-In Area

For our example, let's say you get Abe's VoiceMail service in the South-Bay because you live near San Jose.

What we mean is that your number is a local call from anywhere in San Jose, but also from Milpitas or Mountain View, and all the way out to include Los Altos, and all the way down to include Los Gatos and New Almaden. So no toll charges anywhere in this huge area.

Let's say you forward your phone from Milpitas -- no toll charge. You can drive down to Coyote and you check your messages -- no toll charge. And maybe you got a message from a friend in Los Altos Hills -- no toll charge!

What could be better than that?

Choose any Area

Likewise, if you get Abe's VoiceMail service in Sonoma County, you and your callers can phone in from Sonoma, from Santa Rosa, from Novato or Petaluma, from Cotati or Pengrove or Rohnert Park ... and it's just a local call!

Or if you get Abe's VoiceMail service in the North Bay, you could call in from Richmond or Pinole, Berkeley or Albany, Alameda or Emeryville, Oakland, San Francisco, or anywhere in Marin county from Sausalito to San Rafael to Stinson Beach ... and it's just a local call ... no toll call!

The calling area, with no toll charge, is a Super-Wide area. And voicemail service with these special Super-Wide numbers is INCLUDED in your service from Abe's SuperBudget VoiceMail.

So when you think about it, you see why we say ... we give you the Freedom to Move in the world. Go anywhere you want, you're still in control of the whole system! And for business managers, the easy way for you to stay In-Touch and On-Top of your Business!

Now if you'd like to hear about the Expanded-Capacity voice mailbox included free with your service ... and if you'd like to hear actual voicemail session recordings ... just click here to hear about High-Capacity Message-Taking.


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